Professional amusement equipment manufacturers

Amusement park all - round planning, operation and management experts

About us

Golden Eagle is a professional design, production and sales of amusement equipment of the modern enterprise. The company is located in China's amusement equipment production base - Zhongshan City, the port town. The existing plant area of 10,000 square meters, equipped with advanced production equipment, with national special equipment issued by the production license. At present the company to develop their own production swing, battery cars, rotating class, rail class, hydraulic class, roundabout, reciprocating class, sports car, bumper cars, swing ...


All-round one-stop service
  • Planning

    Application of scientific methods, investment and site selection
  • Configuration

    Combined with local characteristics, all-round positioning consumer groups
  • Installation

    Professional and technical personnel, on-site installation of equipment
  • Training

    Years of amusement park site operation and management philosophy
  • Service

    Continuous technical output, to assist the management of operators
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